Why Scandinavia?

Development of the wine industry in Denmark and Sweden

Commercial viticulture was allowed in year 2000 in both Denmark and Sweden. Since then great interest have been expressed to establish vineyards and wineries in both countries. 

In Denmark a total of 100 commercial growers were reached in 2015 with wineries located in most parts of the country but especially in the traditional fruit growing areas along the coastlines and the islands. The biggest producers having mostly 5 – 8 ha. Initially the early ripening and robust cultivar Rondo was mostly planted but more and more cultivars for white wine and sparkling wine are planted. The positive development is expected to continue in the years to come. A part from the emerging wine industry Denmark for many years have been of significant importance for the international wine industry due to companies like Christian Hansen, Lallemand and FOSS A/S.

In Sweden there are more than 250 vineyards of which about 50 are commercial growers. The main wine regions are located in southern Sweden in particular in coastal areas and at the Baltic islands Öland and Gotland. White wines are predominantly produced and red, rosé and sparkling wines are also made from Solaris and Rondo which are the main grape varieties cultivated in Sweden. In recent years, the quality has increased in Swedish wine and the locally produced wine is reaching the consumers via restaurants and the state-controlled alcohol retailer Systembolaget AB